mere lettering to whole structures


Q: What is Humours?

A: Humours, born in quarantine, is a fluctuating physical newsletter, sent to your or a loved one's (or a mortal enemy's) doorstep. It is loosely organized by the concept of Humourism. It is a sizable package filled with a variety of paper goods like stickers, heartfelt letters, crossword puzzles, etc. Each issue is unique, and packages typically vary dramatically.

Q: What is Humourism?

A: Humourism is an outdated, scientifically disproven ancient medicinal ideology about the human body and its four parts.

Q: When will my Humours arrive?

A: Humours will typically arrive within a week after you receive a shipping notification. If you don't receive your Humours within two weeks of receiving a shipping notification, please contact us.

Q: Would Humours make a good gift?

A: Absolutely!

Q: What is Mere Lettering to Whole Structures?

A: MLWS is a collaboration between Idene A. and Ruby Miller.